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World AIDS Day: Are We Doing Enough?

World AIDS Day came and passed again. We donned red ribbons and posted updates on social…

Why Doing Business Informally Can and Will Cost You

Founding and running a business is exciting. There is always so much to look forward to….

“Real Men Suck It Up” And Other Lies We Use to Avoid Getting Help

Black man in the dark

Admit it—you often run into the dilemma of choosing between “manning up” and asking for help….

Procrastination Got the Best of Me: Here’s What I am Doing About it

Later/now checkboxes

If you have been an avid follower of my blog since its inception, you will notice…

Exit Single-Parenting, enter Co-Parenting: Why I Think Co-Parenting is a Good Idea

man laying sleeping baby on chest

Divorce or spousal abandonment can be devastating for a family, especially when one partner is left…

Turning 30 soon? Here’s Your Manual

30 on red background

If you are fast approaching third floor like me, you are likely going through a rough…

Those People in Your Circle—Are They Even in Your Circle?

happy children holding shoulders in a circle

  How well do you know the person who sleeps next to you every night? Or…

Mental Illness Awareness Week is Coming up: Here’s What You Can Do

mental health: sad man in the dark

This year’s mental illness awareness day is set to be commemorated on October 10, 2018. I …

Why a Fatherly Approach is Necessary in Male Adult Friendships

  It is awkward but true: the average Kenyan (read African) man grows up with hardly…

Of Sponsors and Conversations we Deliberately Postpone

Sponsor: definition

I recently chanced upon a video about a 21-year-old sugar-baby on BBC News Africa’s Facebook page….